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PhineJobs.com is a new age platform that helps bridge the gap between employers and job hunters. With the advent of technology, our platform streamlines the hiring process. This ensures a more accurate hiring and shortlisting process, which is a win-win for both parties as the concept of traditional interviews are altered to keep up with today’s technological advanced society. Saving your company precious time and money.

Why Partner US?

All candidates are encouraged to upload a video introduction(Vidtro). This will allow companies to streamline the candidates received and give businesses a better understanding of the type of person you would work with. This platform will change the way you would carry out an interview for a candidate. Time is a main factor when it comes to the interview process  and can be minimised further to avoid additional costs.

The user interface of PhineJobs will allow for both parties to further increase their chances of landing a job they are suited for in a cost-efficient manner.

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Our Products & Services

Job Posting

Post a job on PJ and get applications. Our consistent marketing will ensure your ads are seen by potential candidates

Resume Search

Uploaded daily to our site, you can filter,browse, and download resume of potential candidate with your Resume Seach Credit.

Vidtro Search Tool

Skip reading through all the candidates profile and start view their video introduction


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$0.00 only5 Job Posting 45 days Post Validity 10 Resume Search Credit 10 Vidtro Search Credit


$140.00 only2 Job Posting 45 days Post Validity 20 Resume Search Credit 20 Vidtro Search Credit


$200.00 only4 Job Posting 45 days Post Validity 30 Resume Search Credit 30 Vidtro Search Credit

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